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Igor Royzengurt – Enterprise Architect/DBA/Modeler/Business/Data Analyst – Responded to Consult Request:

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Advisor response: yes, many -difficult to move to another Cloud platform -rollin/rollout maintenance -cost etc
Askvisory Research – Askvisory Admin – Wrote this point of view

Banking On The Cloud

Cloud computing has ushered in a revolution in the way companies develop and manage their IT services in recent years. We believe it can help solve our customers’ challenges. Cloud computing has gone mainstream – most companies now use a cloud-based service and many increasingly do so as their core approach to IT. Customised cloud solutions enable companies to rapidly develop and deploy tailor-made IT products and services, without the costs and risks associated with traditional IT development. These cloud-based solutions are flexible enough to address specific needs, so businesses don’t have to make do with a one-size-fits-all approach. Cloud allows companies to start small with new services and ideas – then scale them up rapidly once the concept is proven.
Larissa St. Patrick – VP of Research at Askvisory at Askvisory.com – Wrote this point of view

PwC Global 100 - Software Leaders

The state of the software industry appears relatively calm. On the surface, that is. The well-known trends—cloud, softwareas- a-service (SaaS), mobile devices and consumerisation of IT—are making their own individual waves for software vendors. Dive beneath the surface, however, and you will find a strong undertow created by the combination of all these forces, pulling the industry in new directions. It’s a multiplier effect that is redefining how software vendors develop, market, sell, distribute and support their products.
Stephanie Argentine – Founder & Principal at solve& consulting, llc – Responded to Consult Request:

SuccessFactors - Is there a market for Cloud Based HR?

Advisor response: I am working with a client right now on a Success Factors implementation. The ROI is in business process improvement, reduction of manual effort, enabling people managers to do a better job and finally in user adoption.
SHOAIB HUSSAIN – Student at Virtual university of pakistan – Responded to Consult Request:

Will Samsung Take a Bite Out Of Apple

Advisor response: According to the present situation my answer is Yes. Because In near future may be Nokia will bite the Apple and Samsung will bite Nokia again. Apple is not going well in the market because of no good changes in Iphone 5 series. I think the decision of investment in Samsung is very good today and also in future. But one threat is that the Nokia Windows 8 Phones Because Bill gates will buy this company next year.