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Swaraj Baran Ray – Sr. Web Developer – Responded to Consult Request:

Trends In Cloud Computing & Citrix

Advisor response: Hello there..
Askvisory Research – Askvisory Research – Wrote this point of view

Guiding Digital Transformation - Digital Density Index

In a joint study, Accenture Strategy and Oxford Economics not only confirmed the link between increased use of digital technologies and greater productivity, but also quantified the resulting impact on competitiveness and economic growth. According to our analysis, increaseduse of digital technology could add asmuch as US$1.36 trillion to the GDPof the world’s top 10 economies in2020—which is 2.3 percent more thanbaseline forecasts (Figure 1). In thisambitious but achievable scenario, a 10point improvement in Digital Densitycould raise annual average growthrates between now and 2020 by around0.25 percentage points in advancedeconomies and around 0.5 percentagepoints in emerging markets.
Askvisory Research – Askvisory Research – Wrote this point of view

IDC Digital Enterprise Strategy

This IDC study represents the vendor assessment model called IDC MarketScape. This research is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the characteristics that explain a vendor's current and future success in the marketplace. This study assesses the capability and business strategy of many of the leading business consulting firms. This evaluation is based on a comprehensive framework and set of parameters expected to be most conducive to success in providing business consulting services during both the short term and the long term. A significant and unique component of this evaluation is the inclusion of business consulting buyers' perception of both the key characteristics and the capabilities of these consulting providers. As one would expect of market leaders, overall, these firms performed very well on this assessment.
intelligentsia – Highly quotable founding partner of Intelligencia, a cutting edge analytics and marketing developer – Responded to Consult Request:

Tibco - Spotfire Views?

Advisor response: I am becoming a partner for Tibco and will be on-boarding with them soon, but my interest in Tibco is because there are some competitive advantages to Tibco, i.e., it can handle analytics within the software, unlike products like Qlik and Tableau. I also have clients with the TIBCO bus so Spotfire is a simple add-on to their existing IT infrastructure.
Polina Pomerants – Business Operations Professional – Responded to Consult Request:

IOT and analytics trends

Advisor response: I can discuss IOT solutions in the pharmaceuticals industry