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Oais Ahsan – Founder - Askvisory.com – Responded to Consult Request:

I would like to setup a start-up for a very niche product idea

Advisor response: Any luck with the details. Sounds interesting.
Nehul Malhotra – General Manager - Business at Paytm, Indian e-commerce and payments Industry expert, McKinsey alum – Responded to Consult Request:

What Does Digital Actually Mean?

Advisor response: Digital means non Analog
Askvisory Research – Askvisory Admin – Wrote this point of view

Global Outlook 2015

The global economy can expand into 2016, as long as financial stress does not rise further and emerging market countries avoid a major slowdown
Jared Dame – Adding value to strategic O&G customers through the use of Predictive Analytics – Responded to Consult Request:

Big Data Use Cases - Are Companies Really Using It?

Advisor response: Many companies are adopting big data within their organizations due to the popularity of technology. Many companies adopt this type of technology in ways it was not intended to be used or the fail to understand the analytical knowledge required to make use of their investment. In my industry we have many examples ranging from excellent use of the technology to the polar opposite. I could easily talk about each use case in kind on the go to market strategy that was used and the best cases that made the most impact.
Askvisory Research – Askvisory Admin – Wrote this point of view

Gartner Key IT Metrics 2013

Clients improve business performance by benchmarking their spending and best practices against our IT performance repository, the largest in the industry, drawing on 5,500 IT benchmarks a year. Complexity and demand elements should always be considered within the context of a performance evaluation as they are the most fundamental drivers of a cost profile. Annual IT Application Development and support investment is roughly 35% of total IT spending. 52% of that investment is for new development projects while the remaining 48% is for maintenance of existing systems.