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Manar Ahmad – Project/Program Manager – Responded to Consult Request:

SuccessFactors - Is there a market for Cloud Based HR?

Advisor response: There is always a market for improved business processes and reduced TCO. So SuccessFactors does have a lot going for it.
SHOAIB HUSSAIN – Student at Virtual university of pakistan – Responded to Consult Request:

Will Samsung Take a Bite Out Of Apple

Advisor response: According to the present situation my answer is Yes. Because In near future may be Nokia will bite the Apple and Samsung will bite Nokia again. Apple is not going well in the market because of no good changes in Iphone 5 series. I think the decision of investment in Samsung is very good today and also in future. But one threat is that the Nokia Windows 8 Phones Because Bill gates will buy this company next year.
Andre Harrell – General Management Executive (Global Sales, Marketing, Sales Training) – Wrote this point of view

How Are You “SALES PLANNING” for 2014?.....hopefully NOT “Copy & Paste”!

Wayne Schmidt – Executive Director, Tokyo Office of Global Investment Bank – Responded to Consult Request:

What is the best way to secure a web server?

Advisor response: Apologies for the previous posts.Here are my thoughts. Soft Defenses + Publish legal terms and conditions, best practices, and guidelines on your website. + Have all people who login to the website accept those terms of service and legal agreements. Record their responses Hard Defenses + Remove all software that isn't required on the web server. This should be an appliance in it's build + Remove all network services not required to provide website service + Administrative access is through another connection, preferably a virtual connection with encryption + Remove all software that requires administrative rights to run. Web servers and database servers can run on 'high ports' and not need administrator rights Monitoring and Checking + Daily backups are taken as well as a backup prior to any deployment of content. + Virus scans and intrusion detection are initiated prior on a regular basis and deployment with the results saved + Performance Monitoring and Log Exception Monitoring are enabled with content put onto another system if possible. + Baseline the performance and the log activity of no/light, normal, and busy load. Look for any changes from this normal profile. Deployment + Contact is staged on another system and then pushed to a read only area of a contact account + The web server, database sever, and the content accounts are all separate and read only for their directories. + The web server account is different than this account, and also has a read only directory ( preferably not owned by the web server ) + The database server account is different than this account, and also has a read only directory ( preferably not owned by the web server ) + Initiate a scan during deployment and look to see what files have changed and how. Run performance testing, and see how things have chanced ( deployment is usually done a a no/light load conditions + Coding Practices + No dynamic code when dealing with the database + No dynamic code or parameters with the site itself + Data is always validated + Take advantage of modular code design, and profile all components in terms of security and performance + Trigger an analysis and security review on appropriate deployments Recovery + Plan on Disaster recovery by building up a duplicate of the site. Run a full checkout, and not the time to rebuild. Compare results with the live site. + A virtual machine is an excellent tool, if you're using virtual machines for both production and recover testing, you can easily swap and revert if any issue
Rajesh Muru – Senior Level Advisor – Provided Insights by Phone

Gartner Research - Is There Still Any Value?

Hi Raj, I know that you have recent experience in negotiating Gartner Research subscriptions. Can you spare some time to give me some advice on what value Gartner Research has in present day in comparison to other sources? We are seeking to compare this against how Askvisory can better address some of our clients that have Gartner Subscriptions. Kind Regards, Oais