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Andre Harrell – General Management Executive (Global Sales, Marketing, Sales Training) – Wrote this point of view

How Are You “SALES PLANNING” for 2014?.....hopefully NOT “Copy & Paste”!

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Semiconductor Research Summary

Hi Larissa, Could we discuss a summary of the Semiconductor Market Study? Thanks ! Oais
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Is Education A Solution For Gun Violence?

Advisor response: Guns are not the issue or the cause. It appears to be a society change over the past generations. Today it is acceptable for kids and young adults to sit on the computer or video game shooting people all day. They are being developed to think it is ok. So if you want to change behavior, need to change the exposure developing minds are exposed too.
Michael Murphy – Leadership Coach and Project Management Mentor – Responded to Consult Request:

What Makes a Good Career Coach?

Advisor response: In no particular order:
Askvisory Research – Askvisory Research – Wrote this point of view

6 content tips that work for small businesses